Mom goes undercover in human trafficking network to rescue her daughter

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A brave mother decided not to sit idly by when her daughter went missing. Without hesitation, she risked exposing her own life to infiltrate the criminals who had kidnapped her 19-year-old girl.

His feat allowed the Colombian authorities to capture a family group accused of recruiting young girls to force them to perform sexual activities for profit.

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This story began in a neighborhood north of Bogotá, where the girl had gone out to have fun in a bar when a guy approached her to offer her a job. The victim’s mother, protecting her identity, reported what happened to the Colombian media Snail News.

He asks her to dance, he stalks her, with questions like: What are you doing? Where you come from? Who do you live with? What does your dad, mom work at? They get information from her. And she begins to tell him that he can help her earn a lot of money, so that she can study.

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So he says: what happens is that we, with my dad, work in an events company and there the girls have to accompany us to do events of different things and celebrations, there we pay them very well as for the shifts.

The mother went on to say that a few weeks passed and the girl couldn’t get a job, so she decided to call the man at the bar, but when they took her to the alleged events company, the young woman understood that it was something very different.

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‘We work with girls who accompany men like drinking, escort ladies’. At that moment, my daughter tells them that she does not know about it, because at that time she did not have much knowledge on the subject.

They begin to paint a very good economic picture. Then one of those men tells him: ‘First, you have to be with us.’ So on that day, they are with my daughter, those men.

Network trafficking

After agreeing to be with them, the girl felt trapped because, according to her mother, she felt that she had already gotten into that business and that there was nothing else to do.

The next day, the men, under threats, took the girl from her house, took nude photos of her and posted them on the internet, announcing her as an escort and turning her into a sex slave. In addition to her, she was locked in an apartment of hers, where she explained her rules to him.

‘You are going to be controlled by us, you can’t go out alone, you can’t call your mom without our presence.’

They begin to recruit more girls, at that time she tells me there were eight or 10 girls; She says that there was a 15-year-old girl who made her very sad, because those men were degenerates. admin%2Fpost.php%3Fpost%3D624475action%3Deditolicía arrests a criminal woman

After desperately searching for her, the girl’s mother infiltrated a chat of the criminal gang to invite them to participate in a family party, as she had the plan to take photos and videos of them that would later serve for their identification.

After carrying out the party, he gained the trust of the criminals, managing to obtain the exact location of his daughter. Immediately, she went to the DIJIN of the Colombian National Police to denounce them.

Director of the Colombian Police

According to what the director of the National Police of Colombia, Olga Patricia Salazar Sánchez, recounted, the criminals took the girl to the home where they lived.

They take her to live with them and there begins the ordeal of this young woman, sexual exploitation. So much so that in one day she even had to sleep with 11 men, on the same day.

police arrest criminals

Finally, they rescued the girl, but the investigator infiltrated the network again and discovered the terrible situation that more than 50 girls went through. The worst thing is that they made it known that many of them were recruited even in schools in the area.

During the operation, they managed to capture four people, three of them belonged to the same family and, apparently, they were dedicated to leading this human trafficking gang.

Source: Okchicas

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