Mom saves daughter from ‘wild’ raccoon attack and goes viral

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Mom is capable of doing anything to keep her children safe, even if it means fighting a wild raccoon bare-handed, just like the protagonist of this story did.

The events occurred in Connecticut, United States, when a woman took out her claws to defend her five-year-old daughter after being attacked by a wild animal in front of the door of her house. Her reaction and her bravery went viral. Here we give you the details.

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Logan Kelsey MacNamara shared the video in which her daughter Rylee screams desperately because a raccoon aggressively attacks her outside the door of her house.

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The minor tries to avoid the animal at all costs, but it clings to her leg and seems to want to bite her. Just then Kelsey comes out of the house and pulls the raccoon away from her daughter, grabbing it by the neck and throwing it several feet away.

The animal is angry and aggressive, but Kelsey and her daughter take advantage of the moment to run home.

As expected, the video went viral on social networks, receiving thousands of comments praising her for her courage and for putting her daughter’s safety first. Moments later, Kelsy shared a message assuring that they both received medical assistance and are doing well.

After this raccoon attack we headed to get checked for rabies. I can’t tell you how proud I am of this brave girl!

Source: Okchicas

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