Mom tries to make a cute doll for her daughter but the result is terrifying

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The Internet is full of beautiful stories about moms who have done everything possible to see their children happy. This type of content always manages to warm our hearts, since it makes us remember all the times that our mommy has made an effort to give us the best despite the difficulties.

Of course, surely we all have a funny anecdote about the fails from our dearest mothers, because, let’s face it, sometimes strange things occur to them. This was the case of a woman who, with all the love in the world, decided to make a life-size doll for her daughter, despite not being an expert in the matter.

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Little girl with a rag doll made by her mom

Earlier, the lady’s blessing had expressed how much she wanted a doll that looked like her, so she decided that she would grant her wish. However, she did not have the money to get it and considering that it should look like her offspring, the task became more complicated.

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For this reason, the mother got down to work and gave life to an artifact taken from the mind of James Wan. For the body of the toy, the woman used a brown cloth and did not add any type of clothing. While for her face, she printed a photo with her girl’s face, which ended up giving her a terrifying touch.

handmade rag doll

Once the gift was finished, he decided to share the result on social networks. The photos came to the Facebook account DaSpeakeasywhere a large number of Internet users thought that it was a nice detail, but that the creation has a creepy touch.

‘That mom did it with the intention that I never ask her for anything again’; ‘Very creative, but ma’am, she would have put something more colorful on it, I think Annabelle is prettier’; ‘I see that doll at night and I leave the country’; ‘I don’t know whether to play with her or say an Our Father to her’

Source: Okchicas

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