Money Manager 4.6.24

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money manager is a useful program that helps to manage personal financial resources. It provides the ability to control income, expenses, total cash flow on a monthly basis and generates statistical data.

  • PC access function. Using a Wi-fi connection, you can edit and sort transactions, income and expense categories, account groups and other data right on your computer screen. With this feature, you can track changes in your income and expenses by viewing charts on your PC.
  • The use of a double entry system. Unlike applications that take into account only income and expenses, effective asset management has become possible in Money Manager: income and expenses are reflected in the state of your accounts and other assets.
  • Budget management. You can plan budgets for individual categories and easily track their expenses with the help of convenient and understandable infographics.
  • Credit and debit card management. Specify the date of repayment of the debt on the card, and you can check the amount of the upcoming payment and the balance on the card on the ‘Assets’ tab. It is possible to set up automatic transfer of funds to the card.
  • Use of a password. You can enable a security code to access the application to securely manage your funds.
  • Transfers and recurring transactions. You can transfer funds between assets, which makes managing them more convenient. You can also optimize the management of salaries, installment payments and loan payments by creating recurring transactions.
  • Convenient statistics. At any time, you can track the distribution of your income and expenses by categories, study the graphs of changes in the state of assets, track income, expenses for each asset.
  • Favorites. Add frequently used operations to \’Favorites\’ for easy access!
  • Copying/restoring data. You can back up data and send it by e-mail, restore data from files, and export data to an Excel spreadsheet.
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Other features

  • Selecting the start date of the reporting month
  • Calculator that is always at hand
  • Ability to use subcategories
  • Content search function

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