Monique Medeiros returns to prison after being under house arrest for almost 3 months

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This Wednesday morning (29) Monique Medeiros left the Barra da Tijuca police station to return to a prison unit. As a security measure, Monique will now stay in the Special Prison Battalion until the threats mentioned by the defense are determined.

The decision that made Monique, mother of the boy Henry Borel, return to prison is from the 7th Criminal Chamber, which upheld an appeal by the Public Ministry against the decision of the 1st instance that had determined that Monique be transferred to an unknown address due to alleged threats received at the prison.

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For the judge Joaquim Domingos de Almeida Neto, rapporteur of the case, the fact that it is in a secret place means that there can be no inspection by the Public Ministry, as well as making it difficult for the State to ensure its integrity.

The magistrate also highlighted that there was what he classified as a “legal chimera” in the case, as house arrest could not be confused with electronic monitoring, in a situation considered hybrid. He also analyzed that, in the decision of 1st instance, freedom was granted without determining a release permit and that there was no proof of the threats alleged by Monique’s defense for the granting of the measure.

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The magistrate also recalled that the charge to which the defendant responds is for homicide practiced with torture, with, in this case, extreme violence, being a heinous crime.

Monique’s lawyers reported that, in addition to filing motions for clarification in the TJ itself, they will also appeal to the STJ. They considered the judges’ decision inappropriate.

Monique is accused of the death of her son Henry Borel in March 2021 along with her ex-boyfriend, doctor and former councilor Jairo Souza Santos Junior, who is also in prison. Monique had been under house arrest since early April.

Source: CNN Brasil

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