Monkeypox vaccination seeks to block transmission, virologist says

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UFMG virologist and member of the Ministry of Science and Technology committee that monitors monkeypox in Brazil, Giliane Trindade, explained that the vaccination strategy will be different from that adopted against Covid-19.

The calendar for the arrival of vaccines against the disease in Brazil should be made official this week.

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“The recommended thing is that vaccination happens ‘in a ring’, where we seek to block the chain by vaccinating contacts of infected individuals”, he said, in an interview with CNN Radio.

Giliane recalled that there are no eligible groups by age or behavior to receive the doses, unlike Covid.

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“In this strategy, we close the siege on that chain of transmission from the infected person, hence the importance of rapid diagnosis so that he has no chance of passing the virus on”, he added.

The Minister of Health, Marcelo Queiroga explained that, in principle, these doses will be intended for professionals who deal with material contaminated by the virus that causes the disease.

Giliane agrees with Queiroga’s position, as “these people are at greater risk.”

The virologist defends that the Ministry of Health declare a public health emergency due to monkeypox.

“From there, we have the chance to orchestrate the response at the national level, we would work with actions aimed at all regions in a uniform way, states will be able to organize themselves based on a single guideline”, he evaluated.

Giliane sees the moment as “alert, not panic”: “We need to understand the situation in the country, it is important that the population is informed about how the virus is spreading and what is the measure to avoid contagion”.

*With production by Isabel Campos

Source: CNN Brasil

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