Monuments dedicated to women (often naked) in Italy

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«Always dear to me were these tough buttocks and this chest, which from so much of the last horizon the gaze excludes. But sitting and gazing, endless legs, superhuman thighs, and never a pant. I wonder who will be next and the heart, for a while, is not afraid ».

You will say, Cathy but are you crazy? Far from it, I am admiring the 148 statues dedicated to women in Italy registered by the association of art historians You know me. A painstaking work of cataloging the monuments dedicated to women.

Here is my personal top 5.

Fifth place for the most recent statue, the Gleaner of Sapri. So desperate that she can’t even look you in the face, aware that she is wearing a poor petticoat that only Kim Kardashian could feel comfortable with.

The puppet of Massa Carrara (I swear it’s called that) he chooses another tactic: he closes his eyes. Better not to see that your own bazooka boobs shoot water in a continuous jet, thanks to a rogue dress that is a bit reminiscent of the Gleaner’s petticoat. Maybe to be a statue you need a petticoat?

In third place the washerwoman from Bologna, naked with an ass that not even with Cynic’s creams! To her not even the honor of the petticoat, only a headband to keep her hair still.
Second place for the fountain dedicated to Ilaria Alpi and Maria Grazia Cutuli in Tuscia. The two journalists killed seem to support each other, to strengthen each other. Was it because they realized they were completely naked? To make it all more surreal the fact that together they hold a roll of paper: a family size Scottex, memento mori or home memento?

In first position Rosalia Montmasson, the only woman to have participated in the expedition of the Thousand. In Ribera there is a Tomb Raider with Tina Anselmi’s cazzimma, and instead she is depicted in a slip (very used by the Thousand) standing next to her husband Francesco Crispi comfortably seated and dressed in shirt, vest and jacket. A remarkable weather excursion, thank goodness that Rosalia at least didn’t have straight nipples!
And in your town or city are there any status of chiapp, uh, of women?


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