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More Italians Faced with Poverty Due to Coronavirus – Concerned Survey

The number of people in absolute poverty increased last year in Italy, according to the latest data from the Italian Institute of Statistics Istat.

Specifically, as reported by ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ, in 2020 5,600,000 citizens were deprived of basic necessities, due to the economic and social consequences of the coronavirus epidemic. This is 9.4% of the population of Italy, while in 2019 the corresponding percentage was 7.7%.

According to researchers from the Italian Institute of Statistics, this increase is linked to the dramatic decline in the purchasing power of households, which returned to the level of 2000, with a decrease of 9.1%.

In the last twelve months – that is, since the outbreak of the pandemic – official figures show that Only the food and forced labor sectors “endured” associated with the use of the first residence. The costs of the Italians for all other services and goods have been severely limited.

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