More than 1 million IR statements fell into the fine mesh of the Revenue

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Just over 1 million taxpayers fell into the fine mesh of the Income Tax this year, announced this Thursday (22) the Federal Revenue. A total of 1,032,279 Income Tax returns were withheld. The number is equivalent to 2.7% of the 38,188,642 statements for the 2022 financial year sent from March to September.

Of the total number of withheld declarations, 811,782 have tax to be refunded, representing 78.6% of the total included in the fine mesh. Another 198,541 (19.2%) have tax payable and 21,956 (2.1%) have a zero balance (neither payable nor refunded).

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According to the Revenue, the omission of income was the main reason for the declarations to be withheld, equivalent to 41.9% of the cases. Among the unreported income are salaries, lawsuits and rental income. In second place, with 28.6%, are deduction problems, such as medical expenses, contributions to the official social security or private pension and payment of alimony.

Differences between the amounts of Income Tax withheld at source and declared by the individual, in addition to other items related to the declaration, represent 21.9% of the withholdings. Another 7.6% are motivated by deductions from the tax due, receipt of accumulated income and discrepancy of information on payment of carnê-leão or supplementary tax.


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In September, the Revenue is issuing 444 thousand correspondences to taxpayers with declarations in the fine mesh. The objective is to warn that, in the event of an error in the declaration presented, this is the time to self-regulate the situation.

The Revenue advises taxpayers included in the fine mesh to check the statement, to verify the pending issue, and to rectify the declaration. The extract can be checked at the Federal Revenue Service’s Virtual Service Center (e-CAC). To access the site, the taxpayer must inform either the digital certificate (if he has one), or login to the Portal or enter CPF/CNPJ number, access code and password.

Upon entering the e-CAC, the taxpayer must click on the “My Income Tax” link on the left side of the screen. Then, a timeline with the last statements delivered appears. Just check the 2022 declaration to check if the document fell into the fine mesh and the reason for the pending.

The taxpayer then has three options for solving the problem. One of them is to make the correction through a rectifying declaration, without fine or penalty. The declaration will be processed and returned to the refund queue, being paid in the next residual batch.

If the taxpayer is summoned or notified by the Federal Revenue, it will no longer be possible to rectify the declaration. In this case, it is possible to present, in a virtual way, all the vouchers and documents that attest to the values ​​declared and pointed out as pending.

The Digital Process for the Tax Mesh must be opened on the e-CAC website. The taxpayer only needs to enter the “Where I can find” space and consult the “Fiscal Mesh – Service” field. If you do not want to send the documents in advance, the taxpayer can wait for a statement from the Revenue with the details of the documents that need to be presented and a deadline for delivery.

Source: CNN Brasil

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