More than 2 million illegal immigrants arrested at US southern border in 2021

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More than two million immigrants who entered illegally USA arrested in the border area with Mexico during 2021, according to government statistics, a number that is a new record.

Of those, more than 180,000 were arrested in December, according to figures released Monday (24/1), bringing the total to the highest level ever recorded.

The Republican Party immediately accused him Democratic President Joe Biden and its vice-president Kamala Harris how they have created a “historic humanitarian crisis”.

“Under their rule, cartels and traffickers are spreading, border guards are inundated and our communities are less secure,” she said. Rona McDaniel, its top executive GOP, with a press release issued.

Migration flows, which had declined dramatically since the outbreak of the new coronavirus, began to increase again when he took power. Joe Biden, a year ago, before growing rapidly thereafter.

Its occupant White House had initially attempted to downplay the problem, citing a seasonal problem. But record summer arrivals, with some 200,000 arrests in July and August, when desert crossings are more dangerous, showed he was wrong.

Record arrivals pose major humanitarian, logistical and financial challenge for his government Democratic, especially because he has pledged not to deport unaccompanied minors.

His efforts to promote immigration reform in USA look trapped in quicksand at Congress and the issue is expected to be one of the major stakes in the November midterm elections.

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