More than 200 arrests in Melbourne in protest against coronavirus restrictions

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Hundreds of protesters were arrested and policemen were injured in Melbourne, in Australia, during violent clashes with protesters opposed to coronavirus restrictions.

Law enforcement officers used pepper spray and made more than 200 arrests, in the second most populous city in the country, where hundreds of people violated the obligation to stay in their homes in order to protest.

Melbourne has imposed the sixth quarantine since the pandemic began and the state of Victoria, where it is located, today recorded more than 500 cases of Covid-19.

The police made it known that six police officers are hospitalized, after turning objects against them and after they were traced during complexes with about 700 protesters.

“What we saw today is a group that came together, not to demand more freedoms, but to come face to face and clash with the police.”, Victoria Police Chief Mark Galliot told reporters.

The police attempted to prevent access to the city center to protesters, blocking roads and suspending public transport routes, in order to avoid the possibility of repeating the scenes of violence, which had marked the previous mobilization, in August, with the participation of thousands of people.

The protesters, however, made appointments elsewhere. Images that saw the light of day showed a crowd rushing and violating the police blockade, as clashes broke out along a tram line.

In Sydney, police were deployed in a park to prevent a similar demonstration.

New South Wales police said they had arrested about 20 people in the city and at low-key rallies in the state.

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