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More than half of Germans say “yes” to early elections

A majority of respondents to a new poll believe that Germany’s governing coalition will last until the next election, but at the same time one in two favors early elections. According to the “Political Barometer” on behalf of the second channel of the German public television ZDF, 66% believe that the government will run out of its term by 2025, while 30% express the opposite view. At the same time, 51% would consider the announcement of early elections a “good” development, with 43% believing the exact opposite. Voters of the Christian Union (CDU/CSU) (63%), which won the recent European elections, the Alternative for Germany (AfD) (93%) and the newly formed “Zara Wagenknecht Alliance” are in favor of early recourse to the polls. (76%). When asked about the durability of the current government until 2025, 82% of Green voters, 76% of Social Democratic Party (SPD) voters and 67% of CDU/CSU voters respond positively. Dissatisfaction with […]
Source: News Beast

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