More than half of the inhabitants of the largest countries do not want to buy electric cars. The reasons are known

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The international consulting company Deloitte, which is one of the four largest auditors in the world, has carried out quite an extensive research in the field of consumer attitudes towards all-electric vehicles in various countries and regions of the world. It turned out that not all car enthusiasts can trace their love for electric cars – for example, in the United States, 69% of surveyed users said that they do not consider an electric car or a hybrid as their next vehicle. Instead, they prefer their familiar diesel and gasoline vehicles, which is expected in the American market.

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The fact is that among the reasons why American drivers are not eager to buy electric cars, most note the short range of an electric vehicle, as well as an insufficient number of charging stations. It is because of this that the Americans plan to stay on cars with an internal combustion engine. A similar situation is observed in Southeast Asia – 66% of local residents prefer an internal combustion engine, while the purchase of an electric car, as in the United States, plans to make only 5% of respondents. Considering that these are huge world auto markets, the situation for electric cars is very sad.

The situation with electric cars is slightly better in China, where 17% of respondents plan to buy a car on electricity, but, on the other hand, in the Middle Kingdom and India, 58% of the study participants still plan to drive an ICE car. The highest percentage of those wishing to get an electric car or a hybrid is in Germany and South Korea, but even there, the majority of respondents still prefer internal combustion engines. The main reasons why users want to buy an electric car are environmental concerns, global warming and the ability to reduce fuel costs.

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