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More than seven thousand chelonians are released into the Xingu River

Almost eight thousand chelonians were returned to the wild, in an action coordinated by Norte Energia, the concessionaire of the Belo Monte Hydroelectric Plant, in partnership with the Institute for Forestry and Biodiversity Development (Ideflor-Bio). The release of the animals took place in the Xingu River last weekend.

According to the company, more than six million puppies have already been reinserted into their habitat since the program began in 2011. Watch the video of the turtles’ release:

In 2023, monitoring of the animals was carried out by a team of almost 20 people since August, when the spawning period takes place in the Conservation Unit Refúgio de Vida Silvestre (Revis) Tabuleiro do Embaubal, in the municipality of Senador José Porfírio, in Pará.

In addition to protecting against the threat of natural predators, such as birds, fish and snakes, the company’s monitoring work includes educational actions with communities in the region to conserve the species that exist there. This is because, when grouping together for reproduction, turtles end up becoming easy prey for people who use large-scale chelonian fishing for predatory fishing or consumption, which is prohibited.

Ideflor-Bio professionals, in partnership with employees from public agencies in the region, intensified inspection actions on the region’s beaches, to prevent predatory hunting and egg collection.

Source: CNN Brasil

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