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Morgan: the stalking complaint of his ex-girlfriend Angelica Schiatti, the “blocked” trial and Calcutta’s reaction

Insults, threats and stalking: these are the acts of persecution that Morgan he allegedly carried out against his ex-girlfriend, the singer and musician Angelica Schiatti. The chilling story comes from the pages of the Everyday occurrencesigned by Selvaggia Lucarelli, accompanied by images of offensive and obscene messages received by the woman and filed in the stalking trial. And the musician, admits his great pain with a post on Instagram.

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The story, reconstructed by Selvaggia Lucarelli on Everyday occurrencestart about ten years agowhen Morgan and Angelica Schiatti meet. She is still very young, they date for a while and then each goes their own way, while maintaining a good relationship and seeing each other occasionally. In 2019, knowledge becomes more assiduousintimate but stormy, so much so that after only three months Schiatti decides to interrupt it. If at first Morgan accepts the decision, slowly he seems to change his attitude. Messages become threateningso much so that in May 2020 it was reported and the Code Redthe law that should speed up the judicial process in domestic and gender violence crimes. At this point, after a house search, Morgan’s tone becomes even more harsh.

He even promises her to spread some private erotic videos that she had sent him in the past. Angelica Schiatti, frightened, moved into her mother’s house. According to the story of Everyday occurrenceMorgan would continue to harm her by speaking foully about her with the music producer and his friends. The climax, however, is reached when the singer hires two boys he met online, one of whom has a criminal record, to have Angelica and her new partner, the singer-songwriter Calcutta, followedThe documents also include information and photographs provided by Morgan via chat to identify the couple’s apartment.

Calcutta himself was the recipient of offensive and vulgar messages from Morgan and, after the article of Doneconfirmed everything: «I assure you that the atrocious facts reported in the article are only a small part of what happened and they have changed our lives more than you can imagine.”

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The singer-songwriter also wrote a long message asking Warner, the record company that has just signed a contract with Morgan, to distance yourself from the singer-songwriter. He did the same thing Levantanother Warner singer-songwriter, always at the forefront against violence against women. The record company, shortly after, released a statement: «Warner Music Italy, in light of the contents and messages that have emerged and reported by the Italian press today, instructs its lawyers to terminate the contractual relationship in progress with the artist Morgan, leaving the issue to be debated in the appropriate venues».

The story of stalking and harassment is very disturbing, especially since four years after the complaint the trial has not yet taken placeThe preliminary hearing was on October 10, 2023 and since then Morgan’s defense has repeatedly asked the woman to withdraw from the proceedings, proposing an agreement: this should serve this purpose. the hearing postponed to next September 13th.

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This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

But today, after so much silence, the words of Angelica Schiatti arrived, still hopeful for justice: «I felt and I feel very alone and abandoned by the institutions. This is the condition of a woman who finds the courage to report in Italy, who tries to defend herself and protect her dignity and who should never be left alone».

Since the beginning of 2024, at least 25 women have been killed in family or emotional settings. Perhaps for them too, Angelica Schiatti has decided not to back down.

Source: Vanity Fair

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