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Morocco: Nearly 200 people demonstrate against Israel’s crackdown on the Gaza Strip

About two hundred people demonstrated yesterday Monday in Rabat in solidarity with the Palestinians, after the deadly hostilities between Israel and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad organization in the Gaza Strip, demanding at the same time that the normalization of relations between Rabat and the Jewish state “collapse”.

The protesters, who gathered in front of the parliament in the center of the kingdom’s capital, held placards with slogans condemning the “Zionist attack on the Gaza Strip”, an AFP reporter found.

They also shouted slogans against the restoration of diplomatic relations between Morocco and Israel.

“The people want normalization to fall,” chanted the participants in the mobilization, mainly supporters of far-left parties and Islamists.

An Israeli flag was burned during this demonstration, the day after an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire was declared between Palestinian Islamic Jihad and the Jewish state.

During the hostilities, which lasted for three days, 44 Palestinians, among them children, were killed in Israeli strikes in the Gaza Strip.

Israel and Morocco normalized diplomatic relations in December 2020 as part of the so-called Abraham Accords, a US-backed process between the Jewish state and some Arab countries.

In return, the administration of then-US President Donald Trump recognized Morocco’s sovereignty over the disputed region of Western Sahara.

The normalization of relations is accompanied by an increasingly regular flow of visits by Israeli delegations to Morocco.

Last week, the head of the Israeli police, Yaakov Shabtai, visited the kingdom.


Source: Capital

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