Moscow: a Boeing 777 forced to land urgently

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In Boeing 777 of the Russian company Rossiya had to make an emergency landing in Moscow on Friday after an engine problem, less than a week after a spectacular reactor incident on a similar aircraft in the United States.

“During cargo flight 4520 Hong Kong-Madrid, a malfunction of the engine control sensor was detected,” the company told Agence France-Presse in a statement, adding that “the crew decided to make a emergency landing ”at the Moscow Sheremetyevo airport. “The landing went normally. The plane will resume its flight to Madrid after 12 noon, ”added Rossiya, a subsidiary of the Russian state-owned company Aeroflot. Flight tracking sites confirmed that the aircraft was a Boeing 777.

120 immobilized devices around the world

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Last week, the reactor of a Boeing 777 operated by the American company United Airlines caught fire shortly after takeoff from Denver (western United States) and lost its fairing. While the plane was rushing back to the airport, a rain of debris fell on a residential area on the outskirts of Denver.

More than 120 Boeing 777s equipped with select Pratt & Whitney PW4000 engines were stranded around the world after this spectacular incident. The incident is another blow to Boeing, whose reputation has been severely affected by the setbacks of its new medium-haul, the 737 MAX, involved in two close-quarters accidents that killed 346 and banned from flying for nearly two years. .

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