In the telegram channel of investors of the Russian cryptocurrency exchange Beribit, the text of the agreement is being distributed, which, according to them, the new team of the trading platform proposed to sign. After the change of Beribit management, the payment of all funds to depositors is impossible, the text directly states.

Depositors, who have not been able to return their funds for many weeks, say that employees of the exchange office in the Federation Tower of the Moscow City complex have been offering to sign an agreement since May 12. On April 30, the board of directors changed, the text says, and an audit of client accounts was begun.

“During the audit, critical violations committed by the previous director were identified. The money contributed under the previous leadership is not available for withdrawal in full,” admit the authors of the agreement text.

To get at least something, the exchange, according to the text, invites clients to sign an agreement: 100% of each user’s assets will be converted into special digital financial assets (DFA, that is, just tokens) Beribit. Conversion: 1 ruble – 1 DFA Beribit. We are talking about assets in rubles, bitcoins, ethers, USDT, TRX, BNB – in the volume as of April 26.

There is even an approximate payment schedule:

Meanwhile, in the official Beribit telegram channel there is no information about any agreement, and administrators continue to post lists of people who have already received payments in full. Channel subscribers complain in the comments that the technical support service is overwriting their messages.

“Robbery in its purest form. At first there were speeches that everything would be paid to everyone, and even with compensation at the Central Bank rate, but in the end one fifth was in money, and the rest was candy wrappers. You have to be a complete idiot to sign something like that,” he wrote in response to a question from a Bits journalist. media is one of the investors.

Difficulties for Beribit investors began shortly after the exchange office was searched by law enforcement officers. Law enforcement officers were looking for traces of crypto transfers to people suspected of the March 26 terrorist attack at Crocus City Hall.

Berybit clients previously reported that exchange representatives vowed to return all funds to them until May 2, 2024 inclusive.