Moscow: Kiev and NATO continue military preparations

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Its Ministry of Foreign Affairs Russia announced today that Ukraine and NATO are continuing military preparations and called on them to avoid actions that could lead to escalation, the Russian news agency RIA reported, reports APE.

Meanwhile, its president Of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky signed a law allowing reservists to be called up for military service without announcing conscription, his office said.

The measure, which was approved by the Ukrainian parliament in late March, makes it possible to significantly strengthen the armed forces amid tensions with Russia in eastern Ukraine.

“This will enable the rapid deployment of military units of all defense forces with reserves, thus significantly increasing their combat effectiveness during a military offensive,” the presidential office said in a statement.

Yesterday, Tuesday, Zelensky challenged his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, to meet with him in the Donbass region for talks on ending the conflict there and easing tensions between neighbors.

Kiev and Moscow have exchanged accusations of escalating clashes in Donbas, where Ukrainian troops are fighting Russian-backed forces in a clash in which Ukraine claims 14,000 people have been killed since 2014.

Ukraine, its Western allies and NATO have accused Russia of “provocatively” sending troops to Ukraine’s eastern borders and to Crimea. Russia, for its part, accuses the United States and NATO of “provocative activity” in the Black Sea region.

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