Moscow plans to launch AI that will identify brawlers at the MCC

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Back in June of this year, representatives of the Russian Railways press service reported that the Lastochka trains on the Moscow Central Circle received the necessary equipment for automatic unmanned movement. Russian Railways plans to fully transfer trains to the MCC to unmanned control in 2024, and therefore it became necessary to create a software and hardware complex that would provide passengers with the necessary level of safety. Especially for this, NIIAS announced the launch of a competition for the creation of AI, which will deal with a number of tasks in automatic mode.

In the terms of the competition, it is indicated that the hardware and software complex based on artificial intelligence must remotely detect various signs of asocial behavior of passengers in the cars of the Lastochka train and at stops based on image processing from CCTV cameras, as well as acoustic information. The competition documentation states that the system must be able to identify several signs of antisocial behavior at once:

  • critic of passengers in carriages;
  • aggressive behavior in any of the manifestations (tone of voice, manner of speech, and so on);
  • loud and unusual sounds, explosions.

Russian Railways plans to allocate about 15 million rubles for the development of this software and hardware complex, and the results of the competition should be announced at the end of October, that is, there is not much time to complete an application for participation in the competition. And although the task is obviously far from simple, something similar is already being developed in Russia, but not for public transport – some time ago in Russian schools it was proposed to implement a technology for detecting loud unnatural sounds in order to prevent shooting in educational institutions. It also uses AI and a sound analysis system.

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