Moscow transport 6.7.2

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The official Moscow passenger app. Don’t get stuck in traffic jams – move in comfort!

Save time and money

Build and choose the best route. The app will easily calculate travel time, number of transfers and total cost of the trip.

Move in comfort

Multimodal routes taking into account all possible modes of transport (public transport, bicycles and private cars). The application will show the movement and arrival time online, and will also display the available options (the presence of wi-fi, air conditioning in the cabin, accessibility for people with disabilities).

Taxis, scooters and car sharing will be added in the near future.

Stay up to date

The most relevant news from the official transport companies from Twitter in the app. They will help you correct your route in time and avoid delays.

be healthy

Augmented reality navigation, pedometer and calorie counting will help you reach the cherished 10,000 steps a day and get to your destination quickly and with pleasure!

Take a rest

Excursions by public transport, sights of the city, interesting places nearby and bright events in Moscow – all this is marked on the map or displayed in your interface.

Forget queuing

Top up your Troika card balance, buy tickets for Aeroexpress and City shuttle right in the app.


The application will determine your geolocation and show the current thread of discussions, in which you can start a dialogue with fellow travelers, complain about vehicles or drivers.

Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.

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