Most governors decide to unfreeze ICMS

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Most governors decided, this Friday (14), to thaw the ICMS (Tax on the Circulation of Goods and Services) on fuels. The announcement was made by the advisor to the governor of Piauí and coordinator of the National Forum of Governors, Wellington Dias. “There is an absolute majority to maintain the freeze until January 31,” he said.

“We did our part: freezing the reference price for ICMS, they did not value this concrete gesture, they did not respect the people. The answer was rise, rise, and more rise in fuel prices. Thus, most states voted to maintain the ICMS rule until 01/31/22, considering the government’s closure to dialogue and successive increases in fuel without concern for the economic and social impact of rising prices.

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The freezing of ICMS on fuels was decided at the end of October 2021 to try to contain the increase in prices on the product.

Also according to the position of the governors, the freeze had no concrete effects. “Who is getting the benefit, the people? No, it is only serving to increase Petrobras’ profits. Why the increase in fuels that were given? To maintain and increase Petrobras’ billions of profits! Where is the interest, the public commitment?”.

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The note ends by stating that the Forum is open to dialogue to seek a solution to the issue of high fuel prices. “We present a proposal that resolves once and for all the fuel and gas price policy and with the tax reform that we have presented and that is in the National Congress, sleeping in a splendid cradle, it is possible to reduce taxes on consumption, in addition to the price of fuel. When you want to be serious, through the Governors’ Forum we are ready for dialogue and understanding, but let it be in favor of the people.”

new increase

On Tuesday (11) Petrobras announced a new adjustment in its gasoline and diesel sales prices for distributors, which will take effect on Wednesday (12).

“After 77 days without increases, starting tomorrow 01/12/2022, Petrobras will make adjustments to its gasoline and diesel sales prices for distributors. The last increases took place on 10/26/2021 and, since then, the prices charged by Petrobras for gasoline were reduced by R$ 0.10 liter on 12/15/2021, and remained stable for diesel,” the state-owned company said in a statement. communicated at the time.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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