Most of the institutions are waiting for the correction of the crypto market next year

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More than 50% of institutional investors expect the cryptocurrency market to correct in the next year, according to a new global study.

Natixis Investment Managers, a $ 1.39 trillion asset manager, has released the results of a global survey of 500 institutional investors from 29 countries in North America, Latin America, the United Kingdom, continental Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

According to the survey, most organizations assume that Bitcoin and other crypto assets will lose accumulated profits in 2022.

All things considered, entities see the likelihood of a correction across a range of asset classes and sectors. The hugely popular cryptocurrency tops the list … followed by interest rate-sensitive bonds (45%), stocks (41%) and technology (39%).

The study shows that despite forecasts of a cryptocurrency market pullback, institutional investors are nevertheless enthusiastic about the idea of ​​owning digital assets.

Four out of ten respondents consider cryptocurrency to be a legitimate investment option, and out of 28% who invest in cryptocurrency, 90% say they will continue to keep it (62%) or increase (28%) their assets.

However, the vast majority of those surveyed believe that cryptocurrencies need regulation before they gain wider acceptance.

Nine out of ten people surveyed predict that central banks will have to regulate cryptocurrencies. Few see the potential for cryptocurrencies to replace reserve currencies (25%) or fiat currencies (28%).

However, one third believe that cryptocurrency can level the playing field for developing countries. 29% believe that emerging market countries should consider cryptocurrency as a legal tender.

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