Most. Real. Jeep! Drove 2,000 km in a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon and share my impressions

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Everything flows, everything changes, and now there are not so many legendary models on the market today. Especially among SUVs. Yes, yes, I’m primarily talking about the Land Rover Defender, which, although it retained the features of its ancestor, has become a radically different car. And many still hope that the British will bring the legend back to the market. From across the ocean, another jeep legend is waving, the Jeep Wrangler. The grandson (or great-grandson?) Of the military Willys, he is still with us, and it is he who will be discussed today.


  • Engine: in-line internal combustion engine, 4 cylinders, 2 liters, turbo, 95th gasoline.
  • Power: 272 hp sec., 400 Nm.
  • Eight-speed automatic.
  • Plug-in four-wheel drive.
  • Average fuel consumption during the test drive is 11 liters per 100 km.
  • I drove 2051 km.


Is it really a foreign car?

Someone will say exactly so and will be a little right. Today we are accustomed to the fact that foreign cars are an emasculated interior with a minimum of buttons and, in general, with a feeling of empty space. Everything is different here, in a good way, the old way. Immediately striking is the center console with many buttons. There is also a multimedia screen, but it does not take the leading role. Climate and music on the buttons, while the control is duplicated in the head unit. Like.

Jeep has its own nice graphics, and it immediately catches the eye not the best Russification. The issue is resolved by switching to English

There are interesting things in the center console. The first, thanks to the brick-red color, catches the eye the control of various locks in the suspension. Second, several AUX keys. They are here so that in the case of buying various bells and whistles such as a winch, “chandeliers” on the roof and the like, you would not have to cut new buttons into the interior. Just plug in to these.

There are also two large handles. A car with a gun, but the gearbox mode switch is solid, but it does not interfere. Nearby is a handle for controlling the razdatka. Well this is a serious unit. Everything is blocked: the front and rear axles, the center differential, and you can also unlock the anti-roll bar to increase the turning radius of the wheels.

The blessings of civilization have not bypassed this, at first glance, Spartan interior. Dual-zone climate, iOS and Android pairing, Bluetooth and even audio input are available. The connectors are also from the heart. And here the current Type-C is adjacent to the classic USB-connector.

Leather chairs, strict. In summer it can be hot in them, but there were no inconveniences in landing. In the presence of a lumbar support for the driver. Two heated front seats. The adjustments are only for the driver and they are mechanical, they did not complicate the design with buttons and servos. Out of the ordinary: there are drain holes in the floor!

A steering wheel with a comfortable grip and a scattering of buttons. Everything is familiar, only some of them are from the rear, which is not very commonplace. Height and reach adjustable. Everything is commendable.

In general, the interior is extremely comfortable, although its noticeable “verticality” is striking and unusual at first. But here everything is really in place, everything is practical and at the level of modern requirements for a car. Well, I repeat, the scattering of large physical keys may already look archaic, but in practice it once again proves its practicality.

I can’t walk past the dashboard either. There is a great combination of analog instruments and screens. Plus, with excellently stylized graphics. In general, interior and interface designers are definitely commendable.

Getting into the back row, as usual for three-doors, is through reclining the seat. It is possible through the passenger, it is possible through the driver. There is not that much space in the back, and then I remembered the Suzuki Jimny. They are generally similar in many ways, only the Japanese brother is smaller. And cheaper. Not very large passengers will be comfortable in the second row. With a growth of more than 180 cm, it becomes cramped, primarily in the legs. Although the passengers in the back have their own USB sockets, ventilation and even a full-fledged socket.

After a complete set for off-road, I will note the fact that everything is sorted out here! Bend your fingers: hatches above the front seats, the entire top from the back to the side, side doors and a folding windshield! Here, sadness overtook me that the street was no longer +20 degrees. Therefore, you should know that for the sake of these shots I had to freeze solidly. And turn on the stove to the maximum. It will sound hackneyed, but the impressions of the trip in the disassembled jeep … cannot be conveyed in text. Get 100% new emotions from the car! Just don’t remove the doors on the public road, you can’t.

In conclusion about the trunk. Yes, a few backpacks will fit in there, but no more. By the way, there is a subwoofer in the floor, and there is also a “case” for the screws that you unscrew from the roof, doors, and so on. Thoughtfully. Get ready for your trip, comfortably and without an additional roof rack. It is more convenient for two.

The Wrangler also has a five-door, larger version, but let’s be honest, this one is as close as possible to its grandfather (great-grandfather?). And the long version is also less passable, because it risks, if anything, to sit with its belly on the unevenness.

Seeming at first glance overly brutal, simple and uncomfortable, in practice the Jeep Wrangler turns out to be exactly the opposite: comfortable, thoughtful and modern. This is a separate merit of its creators, to keep the spirit of the past complete with modern equipment.

You can’t hesitate any longer, in Wrangler you can press buttons for a long time, explore the nooks and crannies and marvel at the drain hole in the rugs, but it literally calls you on the road!

Driving experience

You won’t be surprised that he loves the absence of asphalt more?

Okay, I’ll start with the city. I have a short wheelbase version on the test, so it is agile, nimble and fits a lot. With its 4.3 meters long, it’s easy. You need to get used to the very prominent bumper in the front (there is not enough camera) and the wheel in the back (the camera is hidden in the wardrobe trunk). But parking sensors to help.

On the pavement, it is somewhat rolly, here I must say thanks to the huge 32-inch wheels with BF Goodrich Mud-Terrain tires. Sometimes you have to actively steer if the asphalt is broken. But you don’t have to think about holes in the asphalt and crooked joints on the highway. The suspension is so energy-intensive that you just hear a small slap, and the body shakes a little.

The Wrangler has a lot of cute details, like this Willy’s on the rims.

Speaking of wobbling. Since there is a very solid ground clearance for a stock car – 252 millimeters and the suspension as a whole, sharpened for off-road, on any road in the cabin you will feel a little bumpiness. Minus it? I would not say. It is important to understand that this car is more for off-road adventures, and not for city trips.

In the city, consumption is growing strongly and can easily reach 13-15 liters per hundred of not the cheapest 95th gasoline. The engine is very vigorous, 272 horses on wet asphalt and rear-wheel drive can easily lead the Wrangler into a skid.

Before I finally get into the mud and experience the whole essence of the Jeep Wrangler, I will also mention the presence of cruise control. It is not adaptive (adaptive is an option), but it still makes life easier on the track. In the same place, on the highway, you will be pleased with the fuel consumption, but will not be pleased with the general noise emitted by all the car’s units. But guys …

Here it is! The first meters outside the asphalt begin to reveal the Wrangler Rubicon from the other, correct, side. The first step was to choose a road in the forest. And although it was replete with pits and puddles (just after the rain!), The forest primer was too easy a challenge to unleash the full potential of the American. But there was already an opportunity to assess his confidence outside the asphalt.

It is also worth noting that the jeep is very pleasant to drive. The classic power steering wheel perfectly transmits information to the steering wheel about what is under the wheels. And this is despite the size of the latter. Thank you Jeep for not being an electric booster.

And then it was decided to go to the Tula region to conquer more difficult routes. Yes, there are also dirt roads here, I was lucky that they were also washed out by rain, but the roads are clay and also with elevation differences. And if it was possible to drive through the forest on a rear-wheel drive (in 2H transfer mode), then here it is already strictly four-wheel drive. Even on it, the tires quickly became clogged with clay, and it was necessary to carefully use the gas pedal so that the car did not start to slip.

It became more interesting on the descent. For confidence and stability, I lock the rear differential and slowly crawl down. The multimedia has an Offroad Pages application, on which you can see the temperatures of various units and liquids, and you can also see the roll and pitch.

The high seating position gives excellent visibility, but after the first meters on the muddy road, the main disadvantage of the Wrangler comes out – it very quickly throws mud at itself. And you suffer even more from this when you need to get into the car: you won’t be able to stay with clean hands. Solution? Perhaps mud flaps on the front wheels, but there is a risk of losing them off-road.

The most interesting challenge for Rubicon was climbing a broken clay road. First I tried it in 4H mode, without blocking, but the miracle did not happen, the car spreads power unevenly and at a certain moment it just stops going uphill. I turn on a lower gear, block all nodes and … a miracle happens. Slowly, but very confidently, the Wrangler creeps up! This is perceived as a cheat code in a video game. You press some buttons and, suddenly, the car passes an obstacle that it could not cope with before. Delight!

Climbing a sickly slide, you can exhale and marvel at what a good Wrangler


Simply the best SUV jeep

No, really, you still need to look for a car that combines the necessary properties by default so well. There is a complete set of modern technologies (only contactless smartphone charging is missing) for comfort and an excellent set of off-road systems. It is comfortable and convenient to stay and ride in it. But the most important thing is to get to hard-to-reach places.

Yes, you can blame him for throwing mud at himself, there is not much space in it, and the tank at the three-door is not so big … but, really, after you ride it outside the asphalt and appreciate what he is capable, all these little things will fade into the background.

One question remains: is the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon suitable for the role of a car for every day? I would say yes rather than no. Especially if you like his style. I will just repeat that the consumption in the city will be by no means 11 liters per hundred.

Well, when you go on a trip, know: he will be able to take you to very hard-to-reach places. And all this without any design modifications. And with all that, it’s also fun and enjoyable to drive.


  • comfort and ergonomics;
  • patency in the “base”;
  • excitement and cheerfulness;
  • the ability to remove many elements of the body.


  • rear passengers will not be so comfortable;
  • a tank for a three-door want a bigger one;
  • likes to splash himself with mud in the area of ​​the door handles.

May not like:

  • lack of a platform for the left leg;
  • not the best translation of interfaces into Russian.

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