Motel threatens to publish identity of customers who stole sheets

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Motels are places that are commonly located near highways. In more than one film we have seen that the characters look for a place to stay and spend the night there to continue on their way the next day.

Despite the fact that they are usually quite discreet places, where guests enter with everything and their vehicle, for the security of the establishment, it is common for them to have a surveillance system, so it is possible to see some cameras outside the place.

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Image showing the sign on an establishment with the letters the Tunnel

Monitoring is used in cases like the one we will talk about in this post, Since a motel in Argentina threatened to show the video of the vehicle in which some customers were stealing sheets and a pillow from the room they rented, this warning went viral on networks.

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The establishment in question is the one identified as Motel “the tunnel” which, according to the information shared on his Facebook profile, is located in the city of Santa Fé, Argentina, and drew attention due to an unusual warning published on his social networks, in which they threaten to expose customers who stole some local things.

screenshot of a post in which a motel threatens to expose some customers

We give the driver of the gray Gol crashed in the back of the passenger side 24 hours to return the sheet and pillow. If not, we will be forced to upload the images from the cameras and make the respective complaint.

– They wrote in the Facebook post

With a 24-hour ultimatum for the people who stole the items from the rented room to return them, in the publication they described some characteristics of the car in which those involved were traveling, highlighting the model and color of the car, as well as particular signs of this one, as a crash on the passenger side.

image showing a hotel room

The publication in which the owners of the Motel were determined to expose the thieves did not take long to become popular on social networks, where it went viral with endless reactions and comments.

However, a few days after it was shared, it was deleted, but because a cautious person took a screenshot of it, it managed to go viral.

Source: Okchicas

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