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Mother accused of killing her own daughter is arrested in Rio

On Sunday (17), the Civil Police arrested a woman identified as one of those responsible for the death of her own 2-year-old daughter, in São Gonçalo, in the metropolitan region of Rio de Janeiro.

The girl Anna Rebekka de Souza Braz died on August 18, inside the house where she lived with her mother and stepfather, and was later taken to the hospital. The management of the health unit reported the suspicious death. Since then, the Niterói and São Gonçalo Homicide Police have been investigating the case.

The agents took a statement from the child’s stepfather, Kassio Silva Alves de Freitas. He confessed that he assaulted Anna Rebekka and was arrested.

As investigations continued, the police also found that the girl’s mother, Karolayne Cristina de Souza dos Santos, also committed attacks against the minor.

Investigations indicate that the victim was frequently admitted to the same hospital where he arrived dead. According to the police, the girl’s mother was not only aware of her stepfather’s attacks on her daughter, but she failed to help her, which ended in her death.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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