Mother claims school left 7-year-old daughter to ‘starve’ because her clothes were judged inappropriate

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A mom whose daughter goes to first grade he is out of his mind and comments negatively on the school, as he claims they did not serve at child her lunch because she wasn’t wearing the right clothes.

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Harlie, aka @thisisharlie on TikTokposted a video explaining how the school allegedly left her child sleepwalking for violating the dress code.

“Update on being denied lunch in first grade because of her dress,” Harley said in the video, which has already garnered over a million views. “Not everyone will like it, and I really don’t,” he continued.

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The video is a follow-up to her original video detailing the incident, which she captioned, “Growing a schoolgirl first graders in the South,” relative to the southern US, where they live.

Harley said she had no idea that the school did not allow straps because she was in the hospital for medical issues she was dealing with when her daughter started school. Thus her grandmother handled all her daughter’s matters. Harley didn’t deny that the outfit is against the school’s rules, but she resents how the school handled the matter.

“We broke the dress code, yes 100%, I went there and told them my problem wasn’t the dress code,” the mom said in the video. Harlie who waited to speak at school to find a solution she is upset by the school’s response, she says NYpost.

The teachers “became aggressive and I’m really disappointed,” said Harley, about the attitude they took at that particular school. As the mom claimed, one teacher tried to convince her that her daughter lied about being pulled from lunch, while another teacher supported the child’s side of the story. “I believe my child,” said Harley. “He’s not lying to me for things – not like that.’


Today, my first grader’s school prioritized dress coding her over feeding her. Literally WHY. #dresscoded #dresscodesucks #dresscodesaresexist #dresscodeprotest #bodypositivity

♬ original sound – Harlie

Harley asked the school for a dress code exemption form, which according to the school’s response, there is no since the masks were removed. Harley explained that she will continue to allow her daughter to dress however she wants and if the school has a problem with it, they should call her out instead of denying her food. If the problem persists, Harley has threatened to take her child out of school.

“Your response to that is to withdraw your daughter from the educators?” they asked from the school, according to mom. “Yes, that’s exactly what I intend to do because if a teacher off the shoulders of a 7-year-old to continue teaching, I don’t want her in this classroom,” Mom replied. “Number two, if your solution is to starve and to her you embarrass yourself in front of her friendsyes, I will take her,” he added.

Harley said she is currently looking for other schools in the area that might be better for her family. In a follow-up video, the mom said she spoke with a lawyer who informed her that it is illegal to deny a child his lunch at school.

Commenters on the videos were quick to defend Harley: “Dress codes are the wrong tactic and if the teacher is distracted by the shoulders of your daughter, I would question her teacher ethics,” said one follower. “Regardless of whether the dress code has been violated or not, it is illegal to refuse to let a student eat their lunch,” said another. “As a high school teacher, I refuse to enforce the dress code,” said another.

Source: News Beast

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