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Mother of Gloria Groove, Gina Garcia reveals story behind “Meu Anjo”

The singer Gina Garcia 62, drag queen mother Gloria Groove 29, revealed in an interview with CNN the story behind the lyrics “My angel” a song released in partnership with his daughter.

That was the first song released by Gina Garcia as part of her debut album, “I’m ready” , which does not yet have a confirmed release date. Music is also in “GG’s Serenade” project pagoda recently released by Gloria Groove.

A CNN she said that the lyrics tell a real story and were inspired by a moment in Daniel’s childhood, the name behind the drag queen who owns hits such as “Vermelho” and “Radar”.

“Danielzinho, aged 2 and a half, said to me: ‘Oh, mommy! Do you see that cloud? I sat there on that cloud, my daddy from heaven told me to choose which mother I wanted down here and I chose you.’ I was perplexed at that time”, reported Gina, who also stated that Daniel continued to hammer out this story for many years, without changing a single point.

She said that, on Mother’s Day this year, she found a letter made by her son, when he was little, which portrays this story. He drew an angel with several stars painted in blue crayons around it.

“This gained such special value for me, I really believe it. They say that children are angels and I said to him: ‘you lost your wings somewhere’. And he said: ‘I don’t remember mom, but I think so’.”

“Meu Anjo”, released on May 9th, talks precisely about the love relationship between Gina Garcia and Gloria Groove and reflects the perspective of each of them, who are credited as composers of the song. This was, in fact, the first time that a song written by the drag queen’s mother was made public.

“The composer came out in this work”, defined Gina. “I only made one song when I was 15, when I was in church, and I never started composing again.” According to what she told CNN “Meu Anjo” summarizes the tone of the compositions on her debut album, which will serve to show who she is and what she wants to sing.

Listen below “My angel”:

Source: CNN Brasil

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