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Mother reports threats from teenager before school attack in SP

The mother of a student at the Thomazia Montoro State School, in São Paulo, informed the Civil Police that her 12-year-old son received threats from the teenager who committed an attack on the teaching unit last Monday (27) and murdered a girl. teacher.

Mathematics teacher Karina Barbosa, who works at another school, testified at the 34th Police District in Vila Sonia, west of São Paulo.

According to her, her son received WhatsApp messages with death threats and videos in which the attacker appears shooting at objects and makes reference to the attack on a school in Suzano, in the interior of São Paulo, on March 13, 2019.

She caught the messages in a routine conference on her son’s device, which, according to her, interpreted the threats as a joke.

Both did not study in the same room, but, according to the mother, the teenager had access to her son’s number through student groups on WhatsApp organized by the school.

remember the case

This Monday morning (27), a 13-year-old teenager stabbed to death a 71-year-old teacher at Thomazia Montoro State School, in the west zone of São Paulo. He injured four other people during the attack on the site.

The aggressor was detained by the Military Police and taken to Fundação Casa. During the statement to the authorities, he showed coldness and spoke in the presence of his parents and lawyer, admitting having committed the attack.

This Tuesday (28), the Public Prosecutor’s Office requested provisional hospitalization and psychiatric evaluation of the teenager, in addition to evaluation by a Fundação Casa team.

A CNN had access to an incident report registered on February 28 by the José Roberto Pacheco State School, in Taboão da Serra, in Greater São Paulo, in the 1st Police District of the city.

In the document, it is written that the young man was “presenting suspicious behavior on social networks, posting compromising videos, such as, for example, carrying a firearm, simulating violent attacks”.

“The student forwarded messages and photos of weapons to the other students via WhatsApp and some parents are feeling cornered and frightened by such messages and photos”, adds the bulletin.

The state Department of Education reported that, at the time, the information was passed on to the Tutelary Council and the Childhood and Youth Court.

Source: CNN Brasil

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