Mother’s Day: 15 fashion gift ideas for every personality

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Here we are, very close to the Mother’s Day. For those who have not yet marked it on the agenda, the date of 2022 is this: May 8. This means that there are less than 4 days left for the celebrations, but above all we have very few days left to buy the right gift.

And the most popular question of the moment, to which even Google is now trying to answer, is always the same: “what to give for Mother’s Day?»We have selected 15 fashion gift ideas for various types of mothers: from romantic to casual, from beauty addicted to aspiring chef.

We have thought of the many personalities that characterize women to create these mini-product identikits and amaze them with the perfect gift for them. How many have a mother who never stops talking about her children with friends and relatives (so much so that often, her own children find themselves invoking the right to privacy)? And how many have a strong mother, capable of juggling a thousand difficulties like a circus performer?

All, absolutely all, are to be celebrated. Especially on this special day, which also serves as a reminder that, after all, it takes very little to make them feel happy and express our gratitude to them for everything they have done in our life.

Or two, simple, words: “thank you mom!”

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Source: Vanity Fair

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