Mother’s Day: a gift to treat her like a queen

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For many of us was the first truly great beauty icon, the one to look at to understand how to apply mascara and not smudge lipstick, the one that taught us the importance of the first steps for proper skincare and love for your skin and body. The one who combed us as little girls and filled us with headbands and braids and who took us to the hairdresser for the first time to make us a grown-up cut. Maybe the one who also helped us put the nail polish on when our first approaches to manicure bordered on disaster. The one in whose scent, intoxicating, sweet and reassuring, we have lost ourselves many times. Mom is pure beauty.

And even if we all agree with Mahatma Gandhi’s phrase “It might be possible to gild pure gold, but who can make his mother more beautiful?” beauty pampering for her are always the sweetest gift to give her. So to be on the safe side May 8, on Mother’s Day, focusing on a beautiful thought is always the right choice. And, of course, the beauty universe is also industrializing to dedicate something special to it: in fact, there are many ad hoc initiatives for Mother’s day.

Beauty initiatives

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On the occasion of Mother’s Day, for example Avon celebrates all women by helping them to treasure the power of their own beauty. From 1st to 8th May 2022, the brand launches the charity operation The Suspended Gift, inspired by the Neapolitan custom of Caffè Sospeso of paying at the bar for a cup of espresso coffee to the next customer who cannot afford it. By purchasing the Avon Care set on the site through the Avon Consultants at the symbolic price of two, the value of the second set will be donated to SVS DONNA AIUTA DONNA Onlus for the Cascina RE-BIRTH project which aims to support and psychological recovery of female victims of violence and their children and minors and consists in creating a place where they can find their psychophysical well-being and the conditions to rebuild a life and a better future independently.

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While Dermalogica for Mother’s Day she has thought of a special project involving the Italian artist, digital illustrator and photographer Elisa Lanconelli. Until May 8, it will in fact be possible to purchase a giftcard in a limited edition version of the exclusive face treatments of the ProSkin30 and ProSkin60 brand, created especially for the occasion by the artist. Furthermore, for a minimum purchase of 95 euros, it will be possible to receive the exclusive Ice Globe Dermalogica as a gift, a sphere to be used to carry out a self-massage with a refreshing and invigorating action, able to reduce facial tension. The Elisa Lanconelli x Dermalogica GiftCard Limited Edition can be found at the Dermalogica Flagship Store in Largo La Foppa 4 in Milan, on the brand’s website, in the Coin corners and at all the official Dermalogica partners participating in the initiative.

Instead L’Occitane joins Melidé with the desire to offer a sustainable, ecological gift and a symbol of the values ​​of both brands, united by the desire to celebrate women every day through an inclusive business model and actions aimed at their enhancement. The commitments of the two brands go far beyond, daily embracing the challenges put in place by the issues of sustainability, waste reduction, respect for the environment and the safeguarding of artisan traditions. Melidé has created an original design inspired by the bright colors of spring, printed with water-based ink on a GOTS certified cotton bag. A green and Made in Italy bag, perfect to accompany mothers day after day, you can have it as a gift together with 2 L’Occitane hand creams for 65 euros.

For its part Jo Malone London joins forces with Handle With Freedom, a brand of artist Giotto Calendoli, for a special project that sees Giotto and his mother as protagonists. The project is developed through the customization of Jo Malone bags with phrases inspired by the values ​​shared by Giotto and the beauty brand: kindness and courage. To celebrate Mother’s Day Giotto will be joined on this journey by Marina, his mother. They will customize the bags together. Jo Malone London will hold two meet & greet with the artist in Rome and Milan where Giotto will be present to talk to consumers about his work, how the message of kindness and courage is spread through the partnership and will be available to customize each bag making it a unique surprise for every consumer. On April 30th at the Jo Malone London Boutique in Rome in via del Babuino 42 from 17:00 to 20:00; on May 5th during the Milan Beauty Week at Jo Malone London’s Boutique in Milan in Via Santa Maria alla Porta 13 from 17:00 to 20:00.

And for those who wish to express their gratitude once again, Parma’s water celebrate Mother’s Day with the scented “Thank you” candle. A common word and at the same time rich in meaning. Thanks for the daily gestures and the love of all time; the pleasure of making someone feel special by remembering moments made of intense, joyful and deep emotions.
To celebrate them the sunny notes of bergamot and the precious ones of ylang-ylang combined with the softness of rose petals. An enveloping and reassuring trail as much as the warmth of the affections and moments of life to which we are most grateful. In contrast, the brightness of the bergamot and the delicate salty accents give vitality and joy. The candle, exclusively in e-commerce and in the Acqua di Parma boutiques, can be
made unique by handwriting the name “Mamma” on the label which will then be applied to the candle or diffuser; while on the site just type it when ordering online to find it on the label.

Finally, many gift ideas for Mother’s Day from Sephora: iconic and delicate floral fragrances, glamorous products and makeup palettes, face and body treatments, brand new beauty boxes. Furthermore, thanks to the personalization services offered by the beauty chain, just take a look at the Gift Finder service. Not only products, but also advantages: with a purchase of at least 79 euros in the Beauty Stores and online with the code MUMBAG22, the exclusive Tote Bag celebrating Mother’s Day will be given away. Until 2 May only on online purchases it will be possible to access a 20% discount with the code MUM20. Among the customization services offered by Sephora there is the possibility of giving a Gift Card (from 20, 40 or 60 euros) or an E-gift Card with a free amount starting from 20 euros, customizable so that it is the mother who chooses the products that suit you.

And since we can’t get enough for mama, dive into our rich beauty gallery for all budgets and all-round in search of the right gift that is able to make the most of the greatest love in the world. Best wishes from the heart Mom!

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