Motorola’s real over-the-air charging revealed

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Motorola surprised by the announcement of its own technology for charging smartphones over the air immediately after Xiaomi today introduced the new next generation wireless charging technology Mi Air Charge.

Motorola has released a short video demonstrating its wireless charging technology over the air. Motorola uses a small millimeter-wave transmitter to provide directional charging in the 80-100cm range. The screenshot shows two smartphones charging at different distances from the transmitter.

Motorola's real over-the-air charging revealed
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General manager of Lenovo’s China mobile phone business said the solution offers a much greater distance than the current Qi technology, while allowing multiple smartphones to be charged simultaneously.

In addition to being truly wireless charging over the air, which will be significantly more convenient for users, it also meets modern security requirements. The manufacturer has demonstrated that if a hand or other obstacle is placed between the smartphone and the transmitter, charging is interrupted.

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For comparison: Xiaomi Mi Air Charge technology enables wireless charging of various devices simultaneously at a distance of several meters.


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