Mourão wishes “luck” to the president-elect in Colombia

Mourão wishes “luck” to the president-elect in Colombia

Vice President Hamilton Mourão (Republicans) wished Gustavo Petro, president-elect in Colombia, “luck” this Monday (20th).

“The question of Colombia, lucky for Gustavo Petro, because managing a country in the situation the world is facing is not simple. We have common interests with the Colombians, mainly on the Amazon issue,” said Mourão.

“We are within the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization. The relationship is state to state, independent of government,” he continued.

Petro was elected in the second round of elections, with 11,281,013 million votes, representing 50.44% of the total, in a historic election for the country.

The left-wing senator is a former mayor of Bogotá and a former guerrilla. He fought a fierce dispute with businessman Rodolfo Hernández, a right-wing populist candidate with an anti-system speech, who had 47.31% of the votes, totaling 10,580,412 voters.

Profile – Gustavo Petro

Leader of the left, Gustavo Petro is recognized as a former member of the guerrilla group M-19 (April 19 Movement), demobilized in the 1990s. His past as a militant made the public life of the first place controversial.

Born in the municipality of Ciénaga de Oro, in the department of Córdoba, on the Caribbean coast, in 1960, he entered public life at a young age, at the age of 21, as a municipal councilor, a sort of councilor. It was also at this time that he approached the M-19.

This year’s election was Petro’s third bid for the presidential seat. Previously, the candidate was senator and mayor of the Colombian capital, Bogotá.

The Historic Pact program spearheaded by Petro — who defines himself as a “progressive” leftist in a highly traditional and right-wing country — raises the need for profound reforms in areas as diverse as the economic model and the functioning of the Armed Forces.

It brings diversified proposals in the economy, security, gender equality and the environment. See here a summary of its main proposals.

(*With information from Anna Gabriela Costa, from CNN)

Source: CNN Brasil