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Mourning for Eros Ramazzotti, his father Rodolfo has died

He died on February 22 Rodolfo Ramazzotti, father of Eros. The singer himself made the announcement on social media, sharing in the Stories a photo of when he was little, together with his father and brother Marco. “Hi Dad'”the only words possible in such a delicate moment, accompanied by a broken heart.


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Not far away, also the farewell of Aurora Ramazzotti, who took out a photo from the scrapbook of when she was little, in the arms of her paternal grandfather. «I look at this photo and I can't hold back the tears. I can almost see my son in your arms, I'm glad you got to know him, we will miss you so much», wrote the creator. And again: «Have a safe trip, grandfather R. We weren't ready to say goodbye.”



Last summer, a video portraying the little one had touched fans Caesar, Aurora's son, together with his great-grandfather, smiling more than ever face to face with the child.

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Rodolfo Ramazzotti, 87 years old, lived in Rome, his city of origin, where he was often joined by his niece. The man's death came suddenly, as Aurora revealed, even if the causes rightly remain private. Only a few days ago, the beautiful thought of his son Eros from the Ariston stage: «He gave me the desire, the strength and the right push, he never closed the doors on me. This is a message aimed at all parents, who should give their children free will to at least try.” This is, after all, the greatest gift that can be given.

Source: Vanity Fair

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