Mourning in Brazil after the collapse of an apartment building – Two dead and buried missing

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An apartment building in a working-class neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro collapsed today, resulting in the death of two people.

Residents told Reuters they heard a loud bang, followed by a fire, causing panic in the Rio da Pedra district in the west. Brazilian big city.

More than 100 firefighters and other members of the public security services rushed to the scene. A man, a woman and a child were buried under the rubble, according to authorities.

According to a public security source, who did not want to be named, as she is not allowed to speak to the media, of the three, only the woman survived.

“Unfortunately, we lost the other two”

Rio da Pedra is the birthplace of the so-called “militia” of Rio de Janeiro and remains at the mercy of organized crime gangs. Although militias were originally created to protect residents from drug gangs, they now operate as criminal groups.

These groups have increased their power over the past two decades, developing increasingly complex, lucrative, and deadly illegal activities throughout the city. Among their businesses, they build apartment buildings without official permission or approval and rent the buildings, often with disastrous consequences.

The building that collapsed today was not approved by the authorities, say sources involved in the rescue operation.

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