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MP operation investigates former directors of Brasil de Pelotas for embezzlement of funds

The Public Ministry of Rio Grande do Sul carried out this Wednesday (10) the “Operation Marcola”, which aims to investigate former directors of Brasil de Pelotas suspected of embezzling funds from the club.

10 search and seizure warrants were served in the municipality of southern Rio Grande do Sul and in Contagem (MG).

The court order served in Minas Gerais refers to one of the suspects, who currently lives in the region, while the warrant at the Bento de Freitas stadium is to confirm whether there are any remaining contracts from the former management, since the club’s current management was the one who reported the violation.

The searches at companies, accounting offices and the homes of three suspects are intended to seize documents, such as contracts, payments, invoices, notes, money, cell phones, notebooks and digital media regarding irregularities that occurred between the end of 2021 and June 2023.

The investigation began after the current management of the football club sought out the 10th Regional Center of GAECO and the Specialized Public Prosecutor’s Office of Pelotas.

Furthermore, the court decision also ordered the freezing of funds belonging to those under investigation and established bank secrecy for the suspects.

According to the MP, part of the funds sent to the Pelotas team by the Brazilian Football Confederation were misappropriated, as were amounts transferred by a sponsoring company.

The prosecution also reported that two of the suspects were part of the club’s former administration and a third was president of a private association.

In a statement, the Grêmio Esportivo Brasil club confirmed the MP’s operation and informed that the current president, Gonzalo Russomanno, collaborated with the investigations to restore the club’s transparency and credibility.

*Under supervision of Bruno Laforé

Source: CNN Brasil

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