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MPs lit smoke bombs in the Parliament of Albania protesting the budget

Tension was created at Parliament her Albania on the occasion of the passing of the budget for 2024, because opposition MPs lit smoke generators as a sign of protest.

Specifically, his elected officials Democratic Party they stacked chairs in the center of the Parliament chamber and red, green and purple smoke from the smokestacks filled the air as security personnel were deployed in front of the seat where Prime Minister Edi Rama was sitting.

A deputy was seen lighting a small fire which spread to a bin before the flames were quickly extinguished by nearby deputies before the fire spread.

The de facto leader of the opposition party and former prime minister Sally Berisha accused the government of trying to silence the opposition in Parliament where Rama’s Socialist Party has a majority.

“The battle is not over,” Berisha told reporters after the commotion in the chamber where the budget was approved in a first vote in a session that lasted less than five minutes.

Last month, prosecutors charged Berisha and his son-in-law with corruption concerning a real estate deal involving the premises of a sports club. Prosecutors accuse Berisha of using his influence as prime minister from 2005 to 2009 to exert pressure “to complete privatization processes in favor of third parties, including his daughter’s husband.”

Here are Associated Press photos:

Source: News Beast

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