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Mr. Konstantinopoulos: We will not allow this Examiner not to provide the required answers

Why was the president of PASOK monitored and what is happening with the Predator in Greece are the questions that PASOK – Movement for Change asks the government to answer the Commission of Inquiry requested by the party on the wiretapping.

The vice-president of the Parliament and a close associate of Nikos Androulakis in an interview he granted (Real FM) said, among other things, about:

Watch Androulakis:

Mr. Androulakis is not a journalist or a businessman, he is a candidate for Prime Minister. Therefore, the reason for his attendance should be made public. After the third party is mandated to carry out its program, there can be no shadows around the face of its leader. The government must speak publicly about the reasons for the surveillance, otherwise it will be like trying to hold the faction hostage, which is what it tried to do in the first place. If Mr. Androulakis is an agent, as has been implied, then the citizens must find out in order not to vote for him in the elections.

Examination Committee:

We have a clear proposal for the examination, as there are two issues that need to be explored in it. Firstly, it is necessary to investigate the details of monitoring of Mr. Androulakis by the EYP, it must be ascertained if other citizens are being monitored and how many. Secondly, it is necessary to investigate what is being done with the predator, who owns and disposes of it, who the company is and what are its contractual relations with the Greek government. It is not possible to leave this matter like this. We are talking about a software that is illegal, it robots the mobile, traps it, steals the data, it can keep our private moments and conversations making us vulnerable to blackmail. This is an issue that concerns all the citizens of the country, we cannot be exposed to this software. We, as PASOK – Movement for Change, have no problem and no fear of knowing if these practices existed in the past. But we will not go to a netting without evidence. If the government wants to start investigating the matter from 2012, when the political leaders were Mr. Dendias and Kikilias for the EYP, it is required to provide the corresponding data and of course to find out what happened during the Tsipras – Kammenou period.

We will not allow this Examiner to not provide the required answers. Unfortunately, the government must drink the bitter glass and publicly explain why it was watching the leader of PASOK and candidate for Prime Minister. We, as PASOK – Movement for Change, have specific views on institutions and Transparency. The issue, as I have said before, is not Mr. Athanasiou leaving so that Thanou can come, but PASOK which will guarantee the smooth functioning of the Republic. We insist on our firm position that under no circumstances will we put Mr. Mitsotakis or Mr. Tsipras as Prime Minister through the back door. We will only discuss our political program, which we will primarily submit to the Greek people and ask them to trust us to implement it.

Source: Capital

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