Mr. Pierrakakis: The platform for the subsidy of electricity opens within the next week

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Within the next week, the operation of the platform for subsidizing electricity bills up to 600 euros for citizens with a net income of up to 45,000 euros will begin, as the Minister of Digital Government Kyriakos Pierrakakis stressed in a TV interview with ANT1.

Mr. Pierrakakis noted that “the statements will be from next week until June 30 and immediately after, in July, the money will come in”. Regarding the procedure, the sending of a text message that someone will receive if he is a beneficiary after crossing his data “will probably be based on the expiring VAT number to manage the traffic. The data will be drawn automatically by AADE, so the platform will include the family statement for the part about the compensation of a family but also has a second part, such as, for example, for parents who have related members, that the parent pays the rent of his child, so there will be a second form “.

The minister also referred to the “F. Gennimata” program on preventive mammography, which allows women aged 50-69, who are enrolled in intangible prescribing, to have free examinations. In fact, Mr. Pierrakakis spoke “for a philosophical change that occurs in the health system, the state must go to the citizen and not the citizen to the state, there must be a shift to prevention.” As he stressed, the sending of the first sms for the reminder of the exams starts today, while those interested can be informed about the whole process through the platform where they will be able to see the collaborating examination centers in public or private health facilities.

Mr. Pierrakakis clarified that those women who are not registered in the intangible prescription should go directly to their doctor. He pointed out that all the steps, the whole procedure, for any further examinations are free. In fact, he underlined that through the resources of the Recovery Fund, other preventive examinations will be financed, such as for cervical cancer, colon cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

Finally, he clarified that any problems that arise regarding the Fuel pass will be corrected.

Source: AMPE


Source: Capital

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