MtGOX Lenders Support Rehabilitation Plan Almost Unanimously

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Voting of creditors of the MtGOX exchange on the rehabilitation plan ended on October 8 and 99% of respondents expressed their support for it.

As the trustee of MtGOX, Nobuaki Kobayashi, said, in a month the plan will become “final” and the distribution of the remaining funds at the disposal of the exchange will begin in favor of the affected users. Soon, creditors will be asked to provide their bank account details in order to receive payment.

The trustee of MtGOX has $ 1.7 billion in fiat currencies. He also holds 141,000 BTC, which is now worth more than $ 9 billion, and 142,000 BCH.

Lenders will be able to choose in what form to receive a refund – in fiat currency or in cryptocurrency. At the same time, the payment in fiat currency will go immediately to the user’s bank account, but with payments in cryptocurrency, there is still less clarity. Perhaps the funds will be transferred directly to the lender’s wallet, or perhaps Kobayashi will use the services of a third-party company, for example, the Kraken exchange.

Recall that the largest exchange at one time, MtGOX, was hacked in 2014. Hackers stole 850,000 BTC from the site. In February, a Tokyo court approved a new civil rehabilitation plan, with funds expected to be returned to creditors in the same form in which they deposited them.

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