Multiple myeloma: find out the characteristics of the cancer that victimized Cristiana Lôbo

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In this Friday’s (12) edition of the Medical Correspondent panel, of Novo Dia, neurosurgeon Fernando Gomes spoke about the type of cancer that victimized journalist Cristiana Lôbo.

A reference in political journalism, the professional died at the age of 64, as a result of multiple myeloma, aggravated by pneumonia.

In her nearly 40-year career, Cristiana has worked in major media outlets in the country, such as the newspapers “O Globo” and “O Estado de S. Paulo” and at GloboNews. Since last year, the journalist was on leave from the channel to treat the disease.

“Myeloma is a type of cancer that compromises the cells that make up the bone marrow, which get sick and divide abnormally, causing a focal lesion or, which spread throughout the body — that’s when we call it multiple myeloma,” he said. Fernando Gomes.

Among the main symptoms of the disease, the doctor highlighted:

  • Back or bone pain;
  • Fatigue;
  • Loss of appetite and nausea;
  • Fever.

Multiple myeloma is similar in manifestation and treatment, said the doctor.

“These are tumors that originate in cells that are related to the blood structure and the immune system. Both diseases are treated by oncology and hematology, and require accurate diagnosis and targeted treatment: chemotherapy, radiotherapy, immunotherapy and stem cell transplantation.”

According to the doctor, a localized myeloma provides a five-year survival for about 75% of affected patients. When there is multiple myeloma, the percentage drops to 53% within five years.

“Remembering that the individual has problems related to cells that are going to produce the antibodies, so there is a bigger problem when there is bacterial infections, such as pneumonia”, said Fernando Gomes.

(Posted by: André Rigue)

Reference: CNN Brasil

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