Munich, Milan and Sofia are the new destinations of SKY express

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In three particularly popular cities, Munich, Milan and Sofia, SKY express is simultaneously expanding its network in the next period.

According to the company’s schedule, direct flights to Munich International Airport will start on November 2nd and will serve passengers on a five-day basis (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday). Thus, lovers of the Bavarian city with its rich history, famous museums, unique landscapes and Oktoberfest, the largest beer festival in the world, will have the opportunity to visit it on affordable and highly competitive terms.

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Accordingly, from November 3, the country’s newest and greenest fleet will directly connect Athens International Airport with Milan’s Malpensa International Airport. Five days/week (Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday) the metropolis of style with its architectural monuments, Gothic cathedrals and the famous Opera will come even closer to its audience on the best terms.

In the same time period, and specifically on November 02, Sofia also joins the SKY express network. The third hub city will also be served by five direct weekly flights (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday).

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At the same time, responding to the needs of the increased mobility between Athens and Rome, SKY express is strengthening its itineraries which will have a daily frequency.

As the commercial director of SKY express, Gerasimos Skaltsas, says: “Today we announce the expansion of our flying project to three strategically important destinations with strong ties at the level of tourism, but also entrepreneurship. Our satisfaction is twofold as after a particularly demanding summer season , we are ready to spread our wings by reaching the 8th international destination in a row that we consistently serve all year round with the country’s newest and greenest fleet. This can only give us further impetus for the next steps of SKY express’s long-term plan.” .

Source: Capital

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