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Murcia allocates 37 million to cover two weeks of losses in bars and restaurants

The Government of Murcia is going to mobilize 37 million euros to alleviate the losses of bars and restaurants in that community in the two weeks of forced closure to avoid coronavirus infections in the “most ambitious and largest plan of all Spain “, according to its president, Fernando López Miras.

After signing the “rescue” agreement with the president of the regional employer’s association, he has detailed that it will benefit 8,000 businesses with 39,000 direct jobs with 15 million in non-subsidized aid to cover expenses for supplies, perishables, rents and local taxes. .

Another 10 million will be offered to them by the bank with the interests covered by the Government, 2 will be used to pay those interests of the loans that these entrepreneurs already have subscribed and 3 will be to defray the fees of self-employed to Social Security.

Another 5 million previously released for their current expenses were already circulating and a free advisory service for arbitration, financial management and rentals will be enabled.

Miras stressed that the sector also deserves the support of the central government, which has to implement a state plan with the extension of the possibility of availing themselves of temporary employment regulation files, non-refundable subsidies, suspension of payment of Social Security contributions, exemption from state taxes and a reduction in value added tax to 4%.

For later on, there will be support for the sector of cocktail bars, discos and restaurants for banquets, Albarracín has advanced, with the legend “Let’s save the hotel business” on his mask.

“After 8 months of the pandemic, the situation is critical in hospitals, with the risk of collapse. Avoiding it is more than ever in our power, so we need to go one step further by restricting any act in which we do not the mask may be present, “Miras said in a closed-door appearance without questions broadcast on the Internet.

“We ask for the best effort that can be asked of the hoteliers and they cannot be left alone. They are not guilty, but victims who pay the consequences of a few irresponsible ones,” he added before reiterating his plea for responsibility not to replace meetings in bars for meetings in houses.

He has returned to call the contact “only with partners” and “wait to meet friends”, while he has encouraged to make use of the authorized catering service for home delivery: “Let us be in solidarity. It is time to support those who have asked a great sacrifice. “

After pointing out that “the sector is going to be a collaborative vehicle for the pandemic curve to flatten”, the chief of businessmen has considered that this agreement is the “necessary and essential” step to help them when it is forced to close to some hoteliers who had been working “in an extraordinary way since the beginning of the pandemic for doing it in the safest way.”

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