Murder of Willy Monteiro, life imprisonment for the Bianchi brothers

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The Bianchi brothers and the other defendants shouted and cursed from the security cell at the reading of the sentence. For Marco and Gabriele Bianchi there was a life sentence for the murder of Willy Monteiro. 23 years for Francesco Belleggia, 21 for Mario Pincarelli. This was decided by the judges of the Frosinone Court of Assizes, almost fully respecting the demands of the prosecution. For all of them the charge was voluntary murder.

Willy’s father talked about one “Just sentence”. There was applause in the classroom as the device was read. In addition to the father of the boy killed in Colleferro on the night between 5 and 6 September 2020, there were his mother Lucia and his sister Mirella. The defendants were turned away by prison police officers in the security cell.

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Prosecutor Giovanni Taglialatela is satisfied: «This is what we hoped for in relation to the work done, but we know that the judgment then lends itself to variables and the fact had a context and nuances that could give rise to a different evaluation. However the evidence that we had produced were, in our opinion, absolutely sufficient and more than justified to ask for what we asked for ». A provisional provision of 200 thousand euros each has been made for the victim’s parents and 150 thousand euros for the family.

For the defender of the Bianchi brothers, the life sentence came only for the clamor of the affair: “It was a media process. It goes against all logical principles. We will read the reasons and then we will appeal. We are speechless ».

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This morning the last testimony. Samuel Cenciarelli, friend of Willy Monteiro, went back to that night. «When I saw Willy’s first kick I went to help him but they rejected me. I’ve seen them all four. I try to forget that awful feeling but I can’t. I can live with pain but not forget. On the face of the Bianchi brothers I have never seen signs of repentance. Willy was an example of courage and friendship. He saved my life. His gesture in favor of a friend must not be forgotten ».

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