Music in the car: a real passion, even for Max Verstappen

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Time passes, but there good old habit of listening to music in your car – and, in the meantime, sing out loud – no one will ever take it away from us. This was revealed by a survey by CarNext, pan-European online marketplace for high quality used cars, confirming that our great passion for radio never fades given that it is the absolute favorite of 50% of the interviewees, and that summer remains the topical moment in which to put it at full volume (only to turn it down so as not to get distracted in dedicated moments such as parking).

What do we listen to? First of all evergreen catchphrases, perfect to sing in company, ranging from Don’t stop me now of Queen (43%) a 50 Special by Lùnapop (36%), in addition to more recent songs destined to be included in the list of the unforgettable, such as Back home by Måneskin, at the top of the list of songs we sing when we are alone.

Each has their own tune, including the Formula 1 driver Max Verstappen, fresh from victory with Red Bull al Monaco Grand Prix 2021 and ambassador of CarNext: «CarNext and I – says the driver – do not have in common only the evident love for cars, but the fact that we have “our” way of doing things. Their approach to the automotive market is completely different. They revolutionized car sales, avoiding hitches and creating an innovative and reliable marketplace. In a certain sense, I find this in the way I myself experience Formula 1. I have a lot of respect for all the drivers, from yesterday to today, but ever since I was a child my father and I raced together, we always went our own way. For now it has turned out to be the right one, but we continue to always push ourselves further ».

Verstappen’s favorite song? Summer Days di Martin Garrix, hit of 2019. He talks about it in this one interview, released exclusively to, telling of his love for music and the desire to go further and further.

Why Summer Days on Martin Garrix?
«First of all, I got to know Martijn (Martin Garrix, ed.) Personally in recent years: he is a compatriot of mine, we are both Dutch. I have a lot of respect for everything he has achieved in music and besides he is a very nice guy, down to earth and we get along really well. His music fascinates me to the point that I asked him a year ago to compose the title track of my documentary Whatever It Takes (the documentary on the life of Verstappen, ed) and he did it “.

When you are in the car do you just listen or are you among those who sing out loud?
«I would say that singing is not my greatest talent. So I really think that not everyone would like to hear me sing out loud in the car ».

How did you celebrate your victory in Monaco?
“There were no big celebrations in Munich. In the evening, after the race, I had a dinner planned and it was really nice. And even there there is still a curfew due to Covid, which means that at a certain time you have to go back. Despite everything, it was an important victory for me, but we still have a lot of races to face. I am very happy and proud to have won the GP with the team, now we have to focus on the rest of the season. No big party because we haven’t reached where we would like yet ».

Do you have a musical ritual before competitions?
«Usually I have the music on in the box before the final preparations with my trainer that precede each session. We have our own playlist, which we change from time to time ».

Favorite love song?
“I’m not the most romantic guy in the world, to be honest. I listen to a lot of music and sometimes I come across some love songs. But at the moment there is not a special one that I feel I can share ».

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