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Muslim wedding in Britain turned into a ring, with fists and chairs thrown

A video is making the rounds on the internet where a wedding party within seconds it ends up turning into ring. The wild one fight between relatives of the bride and the groom, the wedding party was ruined.

In the video, the guests can be seen receiving punches, while others throw chairs, in which they had just sat and enjoyed their food.

The event took place on August 24 at Regent Hall in Bolton of Great Britain.

The guests are punched and a white cloth separating the men and women was also torn, while tables and chairs were broken.

According to the Daily Mail, it all started when during a muslim wedding a man approached a guest and knocked his hat. A fight broke out as a result.

In fact, the authorities proceeded to arrest a man, who is considered a suspect for the attack received by one of the police officers who were called to enforce order.

As can be seen in the video, the guests, mostly middle-aged men, are seen throwing punches, while the man who started the fight is attacked with a pole.

At the same time, screams are heard as some of the bystanders try to stop the fight, while others are seen running desperately to hide. Another guest is seen grabbing a pole and hitting someone, while another person throws a chair and attacks a man. And all this in front of the surprised eyes of the bride and groom who were looking at the incident dumbfounded

Source: News Beast

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