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Mutiny by 500 OpenAI workers: They want fired Sam Altman back, or they will go to Microsoft

The disagreement about 500 is intense employees of companies artificial intelligence OpenAI, because fired CEO Sam Altman two days ago.

In accordance with Forbesworkers asked the company’s Board of Directors to resign after the former CEO was removed, saying he was “unfit to oversee” the company.

At the same time, they warned that if their request is not fulfilled, then they will join Microsoft which he was quick to hire Altman.

A letter signed by the employees said the way the board fired Altman and removed chairman Greg Brockman “jeopardized all the work he did and undermined our mission and our company.”

The Wall Street Journal reports that Sam Altman is considering a return, but has made it clear to shareholders that he wants a new board and a new management structure as a condition, while considering the option of starting a new company with former OpenAI colleagues.

Source: News Beast

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