My friend Green

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This article is published in number 43 of Vanity Fair on newsstands until October 26, 2021

My friend Verde, who is a little self-centered, has never been so excited. She has always liked her name, even in elementary school when they said “traffic light” because in addition to being called Green she is very tall and has a rectangular head. She likes herself a lot and sometimes plays the bulla. I heard her joking with my ears with the check-in clerk who asked her for Green Certification: “Did you see my name?”. Green is not bad, on the contrary, she is a generous girl, only she is happy only when she is the center of attention. She tried acting but they didn’t get her in any academy, in my opinion because she is too tall with a rectangular head, but she didn’t throw herself off and for over ten years she has been teaching Biology in a certified school where she earns little and is adored by her parents. students. In addition to being called Green, Verde wears green. I know it’s funny and one thinks that Verde is weird or even ridiculous but he is just – as we said – a person with a theatrical temperament. And then, honestly, it was too high, it will be one and ninety.

Now I’ll tell you all: Green, who dresses in green, is vegan. In this I admit to envy her, because she is fine, she does not pollute, she cooks like God and she is not one of those Taliban vegans who make you feel guilty, on the contrary, she is tolerant: a healthy and happy vegan. He’s also an environmentalist, of course. Always. Long before trees were in fashion, she talked to and hugged them like old friends. “Since Verde became mandatory, we have not kept it anymore,” her husband teases.

Now to give an interesting ending to this story I would have to write that Green is very much against or very much in favor of the Green Pass, but I can’t because Green is a self-centered and savvy person.

“Let’s do what needs to be done, and move on,” he says.

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