Mysterious death of 34-year-old: His wife found him dead with a black bag on his head – Did he lie to the police?

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A mysterious case is being investigated by its authorities Cambodiaafter a Brit was spotted dead from his wife, when she dropped the children off at school, returned home and found him with a black woman plastic bag wrapped around the head.

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According to 39-year-old Meiling left him alone at home for ten years Husband of Jonathan Stock for 34 years, aiming to get the children to school in Battambang province. So, he left in the morning of Wednesday (30/11) and he returned after three hours, having stopped at the market to eat in between. Then, she saw his lifeless body while wearing a black bag.

“I woke up my children and we went to school. But my husband asked to sleep more. After school I went to eat noodles at the market. When I got home around 9:20 am, I saw my husband dead at the door“, he characteristically said.

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Nevertheless, the local media reports that Meiling gave conflicting evidenceafter initially claiming that Jonathan he was sleeping when she left from home, while then she said she had woken up and was making pancakes. In fact, neighbors report that the couple were “often in conflict” and that they had an intense “disagreement” the night before.

Initially, the authorities thought it was a suicide, as they are now investigating all possibilities, as well as a heart attack that the 34-year-old had recently suffered, while they are asking for more witnesses to testify.

Source: News Beast

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