Mystery with the death dive of a luxury escort who had business clients on the Forbes list

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It complicates the case of death one luxury escort, which dived from balcony hotel, her family’s complaint that someone may have pushed her.

Angela Williams, 42, fell from the 8th floor of The Standard Hotel in London last December. The mother of two, who was making λί 2,000 a night, fell to the ground and remained there for almost 15 minutes before being taken to hospital, according to the investigation into the case and the Daily Mail.

Williams’ clients included wealthy men on the Forbes list and had worked for escort agency Maxes Angels before being arrested in August on money laundering charges.

After her death, the investigation that followed concluded that it was a suicide. However, her mother, 67-year-old Tina Bradley, now claims that someone may have been there when her daughter fell from the hotel balcony., where the room costs 900 pounds per night.

“Many of her clients were very rich, so we thought she was arrested because someone wanted to hide something. “Is it a target?” He told the Sun. She claimed that some clients may have been afraid to talk about their relationship with her. “Most of her clients were married and did not want his wives to know what they were doing”.

The mother believes that the police have failed in the investigation into the death of her daughter. “Could there have been any there when he died?” He asked.

During the investigation it was revealed that the police found two mobile phones and an empty bottle of wine in his room. hotel of

Her family will decide in the near future whether they will finally ask for the case to be reconsidered.

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